Mission of C3

The Colorado Competitive Council (C3) focuses on preserving and enhancing the competitive business climate in the Centennial State. C3 is an unprecedented statewide undertaking, providing direct lobbying and business advocacy at the state legislative level.

Colorado competes each day for new jobs, both nationally and internationally, and our state ranks well in comparison to many others on a number of business issues. Yet, Colorado faces significant challenges that pose both short- and long-term risks to our unique quality of life and workforce development. C3’s goal is to address these challenges and work to move Colorado’s economy forward.

Colorado Competitive Council background

Based on the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation's 2005 study, Toward a More Competitive Colorado, which determined that though Colorado ranks well in comparison to many states on a number of business issues, the Centennial State still has significant challenges that pose both short- and long-term risks to Colorado's high standard of living, quality of employment and family life. Thus, C3 was created in 2005. 

C3 structure and administration

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is the parent organization of C3. Similar to the Metro Denver EDC, C3 is an affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chamber. In 2010, C3 Investors voted to hire a full-time director to oversee the growing organization.

C3 coordinates policy research and development with statewide partners to focus maximum resources and efforts on direct advocacy of Colorado’s economic future. C3 investors and steering committee members represent organizations and business interests from diverse industries and from across Colorado.

The investor committee is composed of government relations specialists from top corporations and industries who lend an incomparable level of know-how, influence and resources to C3. The organization is made stronger by the support of a broad spectrum of the business community stakeholders including corporations, trade associations, economic development organizations and other chambers of commerce.

C3's policy focus

C3 focuses on health care, workers’ compensation and regulation issues that impact Colorado businesses. In addition, C3 supports investing in and holding accountable Colorado’s K-12 and higher education systems to produce qualified employees for future economic prosperity, and it opposes tax policies that pit industries against one another or harm the state’s business climate.

Through its advocacy, C3 strives to enhance the strength of Colorado’s economy and works to ensure primary job growth in the state’s 11 key industry clusters: 

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Beverage production
  • Bioscience
  • Broadcasting and Telecommunications
  • Computer storage and peripherals
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology-Software 
  • Tourism

C3 provides direct lobbying and advocacy at the state Capitol and supports like-minded organizations focused on enhancing Colorado’s economy. C3 also focuses on issues such as health care, worker’s compensation and unreasonable regulation that impact Colorado businesses. C3 coordinates policy research and development and communications with chambers of commerce and existing business associations to focus maximum resources and efforts on direct advocacy for Colorado’s economic future.